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The Fretful Rabbit

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On a guitar the fret is the raised part of the finger board on the neck of the instrument. Imagine the touch sensation of a skill guitarist who...

The Tremolo

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Similar in design to the original Whammy Bar attachment; the Tremolo attachment offers more girth and length along with a smooth top vibration. The Tremolo measures 1.4” diameter, 4.75”...

Whammy Bar Attachment

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The Whammy Bar Attachment is designed to take advantage of both the vibration and rotation features of The Tremor. The Whammy Bar is an insertable attachment with clitoral...

The Bridge Attachment

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The Bridge is a low profile non-insertable attachment made to be used with the “Rock” vibration. All of Tremor attachments are made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone for body safe...

Comfort Pad

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One very unique feature of The Tremor is its silicone Comfort Pad. The pad is easily removable from the machine between uses, made of 100% silicone and is...